Calendar *UPDATE*

Calendar page has a NEW LOOK and FEEL.

Yes, the online calendar can still be accessed via the links below:

Outlook Calendar is NOW ONLINE !!!

LINK to add the NEW PROVIDENCE outlook calendar to YOUR outlook calendar (or in some cases, other phone app).
The calendar itself (outlook) will have an additional calendar iterating the “work at large” (i.e., other lodge’s degree work).
It is separate because quite frankly it is a mighty task simply keeping up with the happenings around New Prov.
For REFERENCE – the definitive “do all and end all” for East Tennessee work will remain Brother Heinz’s newsletter (via e-mail) and the Brother Grand Lecturer’s (Jess’s) web site.
Here is a link to Brother Jess’ website :
We are doing our dead-level best at the Cornerstone to keep our customers happy.
Hope you are happy ;-D