How “Quick” are the Quick-Links?

An oft-overlooked portion of “The Ellis Avenue Cornerstone” is our “Quick Links” page.

Yes. You will find links to our sister lodges in Blount County (those so-far compiled), and also to the Appendent Bodies and an incomplete list of the charities we support (that’s plural, son) – but there is also a little jewel hidden at the bottom of this list of hyperlinks: “♥ Other Resources and Great Sites”.

This is a wonderful place for the scholastic mason to find the library of links he has been searching for to add light to coming light over his quest for both becoming zeal, and erudite academic pursuit (something that every Freemason is challenged to do in the stairway lecture of his second degree).

Here is a highlight of a couple of two of those interesting sister sites:


This is a jewel of a web site.

Here you will find topical and interesting articles about the craft, as well as a Blog, free e-book, a library as well as a really cool MasonicFind store with lots of interesting regalia.

So here you may learn and show your colors at the same time.

Go Masons!

The Midnight Freemasons

“Listen my children and you shall hear, of the midnight ride of Paul Revere”.

This is an excellent site for both humor, and thought-provoking repartee.

They are on the cutting edge of topical discussion, and unabashed and unafraid to tackle the most-serious subjects.

The flamboyant freemason, Oscar Wilde once said ““You can never be overdressed or overeducated”.

For the more subtle among the brotherhood where the subject of dress is concerned, (and under-stated) there may be some disagreement with the infamous brother Wilde – and while it may be a bit over-stated, Wilde did have it “dead nuts” as it were on the education front.

Avoiding the low-brow (at all costs), this is an excellent site to stimulate both thought, and the funny bone.

Freemason Network

Here you will find excellent articles and podcasts covering many topics of interest to the Mason who truly searches for light.

You have a plethora of links including Grand Lodge links, Tools and Resources, and News to name but a few.

The site has a welcoming and most-pleasant opening page, and delving deeper any Freemason will find great material to add to his eternal quest for enlightenment.


Visit our QuickLinks page! You won’t be sorry, I promise (or my name is not MacGuillicutty).

You should find what you are looking for, and even more (do NOT miss either or The Philalethes Society).

The quick-links page is a key chain of great sites for both research and wonderful reading, and this article only names but a few.

Our page is also (as are all pages contained herein) OPEN to any suggestions and our review board will happily post those rising to the impeccable standards of “The Cornerstone”.

Happy reading and enlightenment!

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