Landmark NO. 8: The Whole Masonic Family

8. That when a man becomes a Mason, he not only acquires membership in the particular Lodge that admits him, but, in a general sense, he becomes one of the whole Masonic family.

Landmark Number 8, from “Landmarks” in The Tennessee Craftsman

So, what, exactly is “the whole Masonic family”?

The Book of Lodges contains a list of all the lodges recognized by Tennessee Free & Accepted Masons.

When a brother visits and presents a dues card, it is incumbent on the secretary to check that book for lodges for those recognized and ensure his lodge is included in that list.

But recognition goes beyond that.

It includes other “rites of passage”, even in public.

We are always encouraged to help a brother, and we do so by instructing him in things Masonic.

It is not simply a tip of hat or a hearty “Good Morning”.

It includes communication.

Now, to lodges, profane, the same courtesy is not extended.

So, really, the whole family of Freemasonry are all those brethren who are members of the fraternity at large, but specifically in those recognized lodges.

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