Annual Old Hickory Rifle Challenge

Folks, join us for some old-fashioned fun that is a rich tradition and ingrained in our Nation’s character, its culture and its history.

Shoot Point Blank (Knoxville) hosts the New Providence Old Hickory Rifle Challenge on Saturday, May 1, 2021 from 8am to noon. This is the second foray into the annual event for the lodge after a successful fundraiser back in 2020 when the COVID “crisis” first began.

The Henry American Beauty is a classic model and a reminder of the rich history that is this country, America. Like the Freemasons, the threads are interwoven and go back to the very beginning when an oppressed people had the nerve to cry “freedom” and their progeny have the audacity to maintain that spirit.

Photo of The American Beauty
See more about the American Beauty here, at Henry Rifle.

New Providence Masonic Lodge will have one of these classic beauties as the grand prize in the event.

For more on the event, contact us at and include your inquiry and the method by which you would like us to respond (your e-mail, phone, text, smoke signal, etc.). All inquiries will be forwarded to the master of the event who will contact you with additional details.

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