Odds and Ends: Recap of Lodge Events

Happenings in Lodge Biz

by Greg Davis
All-Hand Work Day !!!

The bi-monthly work day is scheduled for February 27th (the morning of the Spaghetti Festival Fund Raiser). We will be painting down stairs, and the Building and Communication’s Committee will hold informal meetings during this time of work and fraternity.

Some of you will have noticed preparations for this day have already started, with removal of the portraits and paintings and some taping off of trim (thanks to Brother Jim Pemberton for helping me in this endeavor – we had a good night of work and commiseration).

Fund Raising

We’ve had a great success with the Valentine’s Strawberry-Chocolate fest.

Credit the superior strawberries, the vast Ghirardelli Chocolate selection, or as I like to think – the hard work and dedication of the men involved – this fund raiser was an out-and-out BLAST.

According to the last figures I heard, we made somewhere in the vicinity of $900.00 on this gig. Great going guys! Now let’s try and not spend it all in one place, shall we? For the good of the order.


My committee has decided to make a few minor adjustments in personnel. The Junior Warden (Brother Bennett) has agreed to (this year) handle the Facebook efforts and I (Greg) will handle the web page.

Calendars, event notifications and the like will continue to be the responsibility of everyone (either notifying me, or through the WM to me gaining access to the web site or calendar page for updates). Many hands make light work.

Our website statistics, while remaining consistent, are NOT on the same upward climb as when the page first started. The communications team (Davis, Cherry and Bennett) must work harder to see these numbers return to their former glory. It will be achieved by a richer diversity of talent, content and effort by the whole lodge (and, as well, Masonry at large – we may ask the Grand Master to provide a piece – wouldn’t that be novel? Perhaps a Corona update?).

A letter has been sent to the Grand Master pleading for content for our web page. The content of which, follows:

Brother Cherry called me last night (and due to unfortunate illness on my part we were not able to discuss) with some exciting movement in the efforts to achieve a radio broadcast from our lodge to act as a springboard for our 175th anniversary. More to come on this after our meeting* during the work day (*see the entry entitled “Work Day”).

The Communications Committee will meet on the 27th during the Work Day activities to discuss this and many other exciting plans for our future (including the new “moving museum” that our esteemed Brother Bennett is working on).


The Building Committee has been equally busy with efforts to establish work days and dispatches of the work to be achieved.

We have arrived at an every-other-month schedule, with the first to be completed at 10am on February 27th when we will be painting the downstairs.

As an item for agenda for our meeting on this same day, we will vote on whether to approve the submitted request for a moveable rack to contain all our metal chairs, which currently pose a safety hazard. We will iterate the potential cost (estimated between $150, and $250 contingent on number of chairs, how many we may choose to store in a different fashion, and of course, maximum number allowed by code in the lodge hall – we may opt to offload some chairs to a church or sister lodge). Team members (Building Committeemen) please make EVERY effort to attend so that we may achieve a quorum for the vote!

Once the committee has spoken, we will bring it before the full body for a request for the expenditure.

Does anybody else think this is reminiscent of some Masonic Version of ZZ Top? ZZ Travellers maybe? We should start a band.


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