On Washington’s Birthday

Tomorrow is an auspicious occasion. It is the birthday of George Washington.

He is not simply the Father of our country.

He is also the Father of American Freemasonry.

Think about that for one moment.

Imagine that you are man and mason living during Washington’s time. If you are a member of a lodge (and who wasn’t), it is a good bet that lodge was chartered out of England.

England was our enemy.

Now not to get wrapped up in the politics of the whole thing, but consider for one moment that AMERICAN Freemasonry is a little unique in that regard.

Most of the lodges chartered throughout the world were likely done so by Great Britain.

So America is independent in another context as well. As Freemasons.

“Of free will and accord”

In commemoration of this special day, The Cornerstone will be sharing items related to Brother George.

Some Quotes from Brother Washington…

A good article with information regarding Washington and others (click the American Heritage banner).

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