New Year, New Vibe

Well, the new year is well under way.

Exciting things are in the works. Without going into grand detail, there are many excellent suggestions on the table.

The web site will continue to offer dynamic content. As always, we are looking for contributors, so if you want your name on the masthead, send us some content!

We will freshen up the look, add a calendar that will useful to all, and we are looking at integrating “Grand View”.

There are possibilities we will have live remotes from the lodge. We are in contact with radio personalities and are looking for Brethren to volunteer to be here to answer the radio personalities questions and in fact begin a speaker’s bureau of informed masons who can serve in such capacity. Interviews will be on an as-requested basis.

A New Look

The web site itself will undergo some changes. We will freshen the look, add useful tools, and eventually employ analytic devices that will keep us informed as to how you are using the site, what you are finding most useful, and what you can live without. We will also have enhanced security this year, preventing any embarrassing content slips.

The same dedication to excellence will be in place; you can rest assured.

But we will strive to make your experience here as rewarding as if you were actually in lodge.

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