Summertime, and the living is…

Here we are.


Children laughing and playing in fountains.  Picking dandelions for their sweetie.  Running through mud, and leaping like a new lamb.

This season is about energy.

It is a time that the renewal and re-birth of Spring is behind us, and we celebrate as the chill of Fall is just around the corner.

Summertime is often equated with happiness.

Families go on vacations.

People are generally a lot happier this time of year.

We Freemasons often celebrate by having cookouts and get-togethers in pavillions.

Our kids, like your kids, play in the creeks.  They toss baseball, and shoot hoops.

A Freemason really is not any different from anybody else.

Lodge is typically not quite as busy this time of year.

We “take the chill pill” and relax.

It is a lot of hard work, being a Mason.  But it is all good.

We are still here for the community.  Still here for the individual.

We watch each other, and we watch out for you guys too.

It is part of “our deal”.

A very wise Mason once said:

You are to be true unto all men.
You are to be frank and sincere in all things.
You are to be earnest in doing whatever it is your duty to do.

-Albert Pike

Or as another Master once said:

“Do unto thy neighbor as you would have them do unto you.”

-Jesus of Nazareth

So, when you are out there in the parks and playgrounds, on the lake or up on the beach, remember we are out there too.

We are there for one another, because we are a brotherhood.

We are there for you because that is what we do.

Happy Summer!

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